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Per tutti i bambini del mondo

For the children of the world

Who we are 

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Our projects in Kenya.

Place:  Eldoret 
Contact Person:    Antonio Carcione
Beneficiaries: 100 children and their families
Cost: 25.000 €


Kenya - Eldoret2

Contribution of € 2,000 for the vocational schools project for girls and young mothers.

One of our volunteers went to Eldoret and took up the call for help of the community: workshops for the manufacture of iron, the production of candles and soap and a small chicken farm, to give the community the opportunity of a better future.

Teaching a craft to a child means giving him the hope of independence and redemption from poverty.


Place:  Nchiru 
Partner:    AINA Onlus
Beneficiaries:   100 children

Kenya - NchiruThe AINA Children's Home in Nchiru, in the district of Meru, Kenya, welcomes 100 children with HIV. Some of our volunteers have been to the center to bring support to children. The community is well organized; there is the nursery for the little ones, the dormitory for the older ones, a laundry room, the canteen, the volunteer house and the clinic. The clinic and the school also offer their services to people living outside the center. Our association published, in collaboration with our partners Dr. Molan and Mara Mayer, the book  "Positivi",

the proceeds from the sale, together with any other offer from our benefactors has been sent to the center to support their program.


Place:  Laare
Partner:    Little Missionary Sisters of Charity  - Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 5.000 people
Cost: 15.000 €


Kenya - Laare

Contribution of € 1.550 for the construction of a well for the community of Don Orione in Laare, Kenya, 200 km far from Mugoiri. Two volunteers went to the center, which is in a needy situation.

When the director, Sister Alicja, was sent to Laare, the structure was not reached by the electricity, and it took two years to have it installed ... but there wasn’t the most important necessity: water. People had to walk for hours to get a can of water ...

The work on the well is almost completed;  it has been very difficult: they had to dig to a depth of over 150 meters to find water.


Place:  Kandisi
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 100 children
Cost: 500 €/month


Kenya - Kandisi1

Since June 2012 we have been supporting a small nursery in Kandisi, 25 km from Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. 100 children are welcomed into the structure and thanks to our contribution they can have a warm and nutritious meal a day. Our association sends € 500 to the community every month in order to enable them to face not only the costs related to food, but also the emergency expenses.

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