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Per tutti i bambini del mondo

For the children of the world

Who we are 

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Projects in the world 

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Our projects in the Philippines.

Place:  Payatas
Partner:    Little Missionary Sisters of Charity - Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 100 bambini

50 €/child/year


Filippine Scholarship 1

Since 2010 we have been supporting this project: the support of  primary and secondary education for 100 children (equipment purchase - books, pens, uniforms, paper, snacks - and maintenance costs - teachers, internet, electricity etc.. About 50 € per child).


Filippine Scholarship  Children with educational materialo
Place:  Montalban
Partner:    Don Orione 
Beneficiaries: 80 children

300 €/month


Filippine Cottolengo stanze ristrutturate

San Rafael is located a few kilometers from the capital Manila. The Piccolo Cottolengo of Montalban, led by the priests of the Opera Don Orione, provides a wide range of services aimed at the attention, protection, rehabilitation and development of the potentials and capacities of children with disabilities. The poor and abandoned children cannot afford to pay for medical care. Thanks to the service that  the Piccolo Cottolengo offers, children can look at the future with a smile. For this reason, Don Orione Fundation and Need You Onlus  have decided to help this difficult reality. Anyone can make a contribution. With just 7,00 € per month you guarantee  a child one hour of daily rehabilitation, and the chance to feel less different from others.

Recently, thanks to the benefactors of the Need You, we have renovated the premises,  providing about 80 small guests with a clean and  welcoming environment; furthermore, we transfer/send €300 monthly for food and medicine.

The other canteen projects:
Ivory Coast - Yaou

Kenya - Kandisi
Philippines - Payatas
India - Bangalore

Place:  Payatas
Partner:    Little Missionary Sisters of Charity –Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 21 children

250 €/month


Filippine SAD 1

Since 2010 we have supported this project: with a donation of 250 € per year, a child can have at least one hot daily meal, attend school and have the basic medical care.

Count on a family is very important for every child! The sisters regularly send news about the "adopted" children, and they write letters to their "Italian families ".

Place:  Payatas
Partner:    Little Missionary Sisters of Charity –Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 100 children

250 €/month


Filippine Discarica

In Payatas, about 40 km from the capital Manila, there is one of the largest open-air dumps in Asia. The air is so unbreathable and smelly that you cannot escape, it will reach you wherever you go. A large deposit where people dig to collect empty bottles, plastic containers, cans and everything else that they can resell gaining 60-70 pesos a day, less than 1,00 Euro.  Living there is like a nightmare.

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