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Per tutti i bambini del mondo

For the children of the world

Who we are 

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Projects in the world 

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Our projects in Albania.


Place:  Gramsh
Partner:    Suore di San Vincenzo
Beneficiaries: 300 bambini

80.000 €


Albania-San Vincenzo

The Sisters of San Vincenzo look after boys and girls physically or mentally ill, the poor and unemployed. Thanks to the presence of these sisters, through their gestures, their care, the warm meals they give, the clothes and thanks to the center they are able to house and help many young people who come from isolated areas of the neighboring mountains. They offer assistance and medical care as well as courses to teach a craft useful for their future. The Sisters also support kindergartens with a hundred children.

Need You has contributed to the projects of the sisters with periodic sending of humanitarian goods, volunteers, livestock and material for the preparation of professional schools, installation of a lift and a mammography machine at the local hospital, the creation of an aqueduct…

Place:  Bardhaj
Partner:    Don Orione
Beneficiaries: 500 bambini

250.000 €


Albania Asilo

In 2003, Need You helped this center to build  churches, a recreation center for children and youths, professional schools: workshop / mechanics school, tailoring, carpentry;  we also support kindergartens and send money for scholarships.

The activities for the children are many: in addition to school and kindergarten, we organize summer camps, recitals, parties, involving the whole community and giving families the security of a safe and constructive place  in which adults and children can participate in the life of the community and build a better future.

Latest events 


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